Carcel is a new copenhagen-based fashion label, manufactured by women in prison. Our succesful kickstarter campaign has just ended, and first collection is in production.

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exclusive danish design from nature's finest materials 


Each item is manufactured inside women’s prisons in some of the world's poorest countries. This way, we transform lost time into skills, paid jobs, and better futures. We do not compromise on quality, design or process. That for us is the key to creating real beauty.

We envision a new world of fashion, where each piece of clothing solves a problem instead of creating one.


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our garments are handmade by women in prison using natural materials. 

We go where the best quality materials meet the highest rates of female incarceration. That's why we work with the best designers to make products that you will want to keep forever. Our vision is global. We start in Peru with our first collection in the finest 100% Baby Alpaca, also known as 'Fiber of the Gods'.


We would love to talk - about anything.

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