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Thank you for your interest in Carcel's first collection.
We are very happy to announce that the production is rollin' and that our online shop will be ready early spring '17. We will be launching an exclusive batch of colours and styles, made by women in prison in Peru.


collection 1

the knitwear, peru 2017


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About the collection

We are very proud of our first collection ever. The collection has been 6 months in the making, and we are currently moving into the final process of it's creation which means it will soon be available online.

In Peru there is a long an ancient heritage revolving around knitting. Many Peruvians can easily touch a sweater and make out whether it's pure baby alpaca wool, or a mix with polyester or cotton. We respect the Peruvian culture and the many thousands of years of knowledge gained about the alpaca wool. We have chosen to manufacture all of our products using hand-knitting machinery.
These analogue instruments require skills, sensitivity and most importantly, a person to move the threads and create the right pattern. Read more about hand knitting.



Known as the softest and most prestigious fiber in the world because it's unique properties, the alpaca wool is known to have the softness of cashmere, the shine of mohair, the silkiness of angora and the strength of Merino wool. The wool from the first ever shearing of an adult alpaca is called ‘baby alpaca wool’, which refers to the wool collected from the neck and underbelly of the animal. This is a supreme variety of wool due to its durability and lightweight structure. Baby alpaca is warmer than sheep's wool, yet it still has a very soft and glossy feeling.
Read more alpaca's superpowers here.

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Fit and shape - find your personal preference

Some of our supporters have asked if it is possible to order the sweater with extra length or if you could possibly get it more loosely fitted. At the same time some of you guys have asked to have a more fitted sweater. We suggest that you look into whether the women sizing would suit you or if you want either a more fitted or oversized look. All you need to know about sizes here